Mission Statement:

Our mission at Lienholder Services is to maximize payments through consistent and respectful client contact, reducing the frequency of repossessions and increasing profit margins for our clients.

What We Offer:

Lien Holder Services offers a variety of resources and assistance in maintaining ongoing liens. We understand the importance of maintaining communication with your buyers so that they make a consistent effort to submit payments on time, while monitoring vehicle conditions regularly. Let us be your team to help you get more payments in!

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Lien Holder Services offers personalized support and private weekly consultations to help you slash repossessions by half and increase payments by your customers.

Comprehensive Reporting


We consistently update our clients with reports regarding the location and condition of your vehicles and interactions with your customers.


We work 7 days a week and make every effort to get you in direct contact with your customer and can return a report on your loan within 48 hours.

Excellent Customer Service


We will meet with you at your convenience to personally review your accounts and their progress.


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